SiewLi Stark Biography

Siewli has been fascinated by healing and helping others ever since she was young. One of her first memories was her squeezing and gently rubbing her grandmother’s shoulders with her hands. Ever since then, she became the family’s little healer. Hands on healing was very much part of her family life, as well as other self-care practices. She feels lucky to have grown up in a home where self-care is encouraged. 

At age 16, she moved to New York City with her family. Being a new immigrant and wishing to please her parents, she decided to pursue a degree in psychology. 

During this time she worked in neuroscience and psychology labs at Rutgers University. Here she discovered two things that really excited her. The first was neuroplasticity—the brains ability to change and grow throughout the human lifespan. The second was the profound effect that the mind has in the healing process—how physical, mental, and emotional healing can happen through the reprogramming of belief systems.  

After earning her B.A. in psychology, Siewli knew she wanted to work with people but wasn’t sure becoming a psychologist was the right fit. Taking some space to determine her next move, she accepted a job as a case manager in social services, helping low income families obtain services. She saw in these families the struggle that her own family had experienced coming to the U.S., and knew this was a beautiful way to give something back.

While working with families and experiencing her own deep inner transformations, Siewli found her marriage of 10 years coming to an end. She had married young, and the split was amicable, but still challenging. During the grieving process, she found yoga. Yoga helped her to reconnect to her body in a healthy way, and her practice became her sanctuary. 

Siewli's work with children and families gave her an opportunity to share the physical and mindfulness practices that were now part of her own self-care. She taught movement, yoga, breath work, music and art therapy, and they loved her unusual approach. Her employers heard about her good results, and gave her opportunities to facilitate stress-reduction and self-care workshops. 

Finding strength and direction in the work she was doing, Siewli decided to leave social services to become a full-time yoga, movement and mindfulness teacher. She began teaching group classes and working one-on-one with people of all abilities, and it was here that she finally found her groove.

Inspired to follow her passions further, she began integrating other tools to empower her clients; medical qigong, primal movement, and deep relaxation (yoga nidra, visualization meditation, energy healing). She integrated yoga therapy balls and Myofascial Release Therapy to help client’s eliminate pain, improve range of motion and assist in downregulation/recovery.

In her and her clients’ experience, the power of these therapeutic tools are undeniable; they offer relief in ways that medication isn't able to and help us to access the medicine that is already within our brains and bodies. 

The child’s hands that once brought joy to her grandmother have grown to become powerful tools for healing the world. Siewli is beyond thrilled to share her innate gifts and is honored to be able to offer this healing work to those who are in need and ready to receive healing.