I took my first yoga class at age 19, and there I experienced a glimpse of the powerful therapeutic effects of yoga for the first time. In my mid-twenties, I started taking yoga seriously as a way to cope with anxiety and stress in my life. After a couple years of consistent practice, I felt so transformed that I started to share the teachings of yoga (mostly asana, pranayama, and meditation) with the families I worked with in my job as a Child and Family Advocate at a nonprofit at the Lower East Side. Pretty soon, I got certified as a kids yoga teacher. Once the staff learned about my new hobby, I was informally requested to teach yoga to the children who were part of the Head Start program, and later was formally invited to teach yoga and stress management to the staff during a Professional Development Day as a way to bring to promote wellness and team building. 

An interest was sparked within me, and my desire to teach grew stronger each day. Because of my professional experience working with children and families, I was soon invited to teach a weekly Family Yoga class as well as a Mommy and Me Yoga class at the Manny Cantor Fitness Center. The inquisitiveness of my little students and their parents inspired me so much that, soon after, I pursued my 200-hr Yoga Teacher Training program With Exhale Yoga Teacher Training program. I am grateful for my teachers Jason Ray Brown, Dinneen Viggiano, Ariel Kiley, my students, and the opportunity to teach as I continue my training in anatomy and bio-mechanics, as well as the practical, philosophical, and spiritual aspects of Yoga.